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technology and NFTs.

using proof of planting

Plant real, verified trees

We guarantee impact by using a public blockchain to measure, report and verify native forest & biodiversity restoration.


Trusted by

Our Impact Guarantee

Every tree is captured, geo-tagged
and sent to you, using POPtech™.


Nature Tech


Visual impact to inspire your
company & customers.


Every tree can be found on a satellite map.


Zoom-in to discover the species & location.

Tree Capture


Breaking new ground with
digitised tree planting.


Trees are photographed as they're planted.


Then uploaded for our expert team to verify.


Tree Tokens


Your trees are verified against the highest of standards.


Every tree capture is independently assessed.


If verified, we mint it on a blockchain as an NFT.

Your Growth


As your trees grow, so will your business.


Share tree NFT's via links, QR & automation.


Easily manage campaigns with traceable data.

  • Can non-profits, NGO's, local and indigenous peoples use POPtech?
    Yes POPtech is available to everyone, including use of the field app for capturing trees, back-end for independent verification (administrators only) and the Replant World marketplace for trading your tree NFT's.
  • How much Carbon Dioxide will my trees absorb?
    The short answer is 10-40kg on avg. per year, depending on the tree species, overall health and type of ecosystem. *Read our scientific answer HERE
  • Will planting trees help solve our climate emergency?
    Natural climate solutions (NCS) are a valuable way to tackle our climate emergency. Scientists estimate that NCS could contribute 40% of the CO2 mitigation we need to achieve by 2030 and reforestation, a key part of this solution; could represent up to one-third of all climate mitigation, helping us limit warming to 1.5 degrees.
  • What is POPtech?
    POPtech is an abreviation for Proof of Planting Technology, a system we built natively on a public blockchain to monitor, report and verify global tree planting.
  • What do survival rates mean?
    Survival rates refer to trees surpassing infancy and continuing on their path to maturity. Even in pristine forests, young trees will die due to predation by insects and animals, a lack of sunlight from the forest canopy or insufficient water and nutrients in the soil.
  • Why has Replant World developed POPtech?
    Despite the widely understood long-term benefits of native forests, nearly 50% of all trees planted are non-native plantation forests with a lifespan of just 10-20 years. This means half of reforestation pledges around the world, are in-fact commercially managed, and the trees will be harvested for paper, charcoal, timber and even wood pellets for the growing biomass energy sector. As a result, half of tree planting today categorically fails to deliver positive outcomes for our rapidly deteriorating climate, ecological collapse and socio-economically, for local or indigenous peoples. In response to these findings in the Global Forest Resources Assessment (2020) Replant World developed a system natively built on a public blockchain called POPtech. Its purpose is to democratise tree planting, providing much needed funds for indigenous and local people, and to raise the effectiveness of native forest restoration through increased transparency and accountability.
  • Where will my trees be planted?
    Replant World focuses on mangrove and rainforests, which support significant amounts of the world's marine and terrestrial biodiversity. These precious ecosystems are also our most powerful carbon sinks and provide a livelihood for many well preserved indigenous cultures. Located in the 'tropical band', the 3 largest remaining rainforests can be found in Latin America, Borneo Mekong Basin and the Congo Basin.

Ancestral Knowledge

Indigenous led, native forest
and biodiversity restoration.

We work with natures greatest defenders to
guarantee your social & environmental impact.

Plant trees you can see

6 Ways to make an impact

Reward a tree for submitting a survey or review.

Offer trees as part of a loyalty program.

Plant trees at checkout via your e-commerce.


Drawdown carbon with regular tree planting.

Plant a company forest & share trees with employees.

Gift your customers a
tree for their purchase.

Community, Biodiversity & Climate

Projects with long-term environmental & social benefits.

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